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Carolyn Bottomley


Carolyn Bottomley, partner at Keystone Law, has a ‘passion’ for family law. She finds ‘advocating for clients and observing their own personal development throughout a matter’ incredibly rewarding. ‘For me, empowering each client can be as important as the outcome of each case. I aim to make family transitions as smooth as possible for the client, and in the process, I ensure that they have the confidence to walk happily into their new lives,’ she says.

Bottomley identifies joining Keystone, where she is able to focus on cases she feels passionate about, as the defining moment of her career. However, the last 12 months of her practice have been her ‘most interesting, varied and successful yet,’ she says. Relieving clients of the emotional turmoil as a result of relationship breakdown is Bottomley’s main goal in her work. When clients come to her, they are often in distress, and it is a priority to ‘achieve the best possible outcome as quickly and painlessly as possible’.

‘The first thing I tell them is to hand all that stress over to me, to focus on themselves and their children, and that I will take care of everything, I will be their rock,’ explains Bottomley. She then makes enquiries as to the client’s priorities and formulates a strategy to get them through this difficult period. Whether it is negotiating a delicate prenup, dealing with an acrimonious divorce case or standing up for an alienated parent, Bottomley employs a creative and pragmatic approach which she tailors to the individual client.

Bottomley is also a master of discretion, amicability and keeping things low-key. The work she does for high-profile clients means that she must be discreet to protect their public reputation. Yet she is also mindful that, where children are involved, clients are likely to have ongoing relationships with their ex-partners long after their matters have concluded, and for this reason, she is ‘always dignified and courteous’, maintaining ‘a high level of professionalism when dealing with the other side’, irrespective of the emotional intensity of the situation at the time.

‘I strive to achieve the most advantageous results for my clients without creating unnecessary combat between the parties,’ Bottomley adds. ‘I guide my clients as to which battles are worth engaging, avoiding those that only serve to increase costs (on both sides).’

She is also enthusiastic about reducing gender inequality in family proceedings. Despite legislation in the UK being gender-neutral, gender stereotypes based on a client’s identity sometimes shine through, and this needs to be dismantled. ‘I am always advocating for my client to receive the best possible outcome, regardless of their gender,’ she says.

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