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Charlotte Cuevas


Stewarts Law and Manches were among the impressive names on Charlotte Cuevas’ CV before she joined Keystone Law in 2016. During this time, she was ‘lucky to work with some stellar figures in family law, gaining a wealth of experience as a result’.

The turning point in Cuevas’ career was deciding to set up her own practice within Keystone. She has never looked back. ‘I have seen an increase over the last couple of years of former clients recommending me to their colleagues and friends,’ she says.

The consultant solicitor prides herself on ‘providing a holistic service tailored to clients’ needs, ensuring that they understand at every step the advice being given/actions being taken on their behalf. I strive to achieve the best possible outcome with a proportionate approach to costs.

‘Clients are going through an extremely difficult period in their lives when they come to us and they are often very vulnerable, even those who might not obviously present as such,’ Cuevas continues. She prizes being a good listener, supporting clients sensitively through the process, and letting them know that she understands ‘what they are going through, and that I have their back’.

One valued client says Cuevas’ ‘professionalism, competence and sound judgement are unquestionable. But, above all, I have appreciated her care for me as an individual, not just as a client. It is her caring attitude which has enabled me to cope with and understand the complexity of the work she has done for me.’

She is far from alone in holding Cuevas in such high esteem. Another resounding endorsement also stresses Cuevas’ ‘approachability’, saying that ‘she was able to really listen, not only to the evidence and facts of the case but also to my concerns, with undivided attention.’ A third client credits the solicitor with being ‘incredibly supportive both professionally and emotionally.’

Cuevas’ clients know they can trust their lawyer on all fronts, thanks to her track record of providing robust legal and strategic advice. Since Cuevas qualified as a solicitor in 2008, she has carved out an impressive reputation in aspects of divorce and separation of varying complexity, including situations where there are children involved.

Her considerable expertise lies in dealing with HNW financial applications, often with an international element and frequently involving trust structures, tax issues, business valuation issues, and arguments of pre-acquired and inherited wealth.

Rank: Recommended

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