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Judith Millar


Judith Millar was a ‘very junior solicitor’ with no international experience shortly after joining Bircham & Co’s (now BDB Pitmans) private client department in 1999.

‘I was thrust into the world of offshore trusts and cross-border planning,’ she recalls. ‘I was asked to prepare a memorandum on the tax implications of trustees assigning loan notes to a Jersey company. I spent a lot of time on it. To my surprise, most of what I had written was correct and, at that point, I embraced the world in which I have practised ever since.’

Millar is now a partner with a diverse practice which confronts challenging issues in the tax landscape. The Cambridge graduate, who is also a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, advises clients with ‘substantial UK and non-UK trust interests’, and HNWs who require a tax lawyer’s opinion on domicile and residence issues.

Her approach is usually focused on how structuring can benefit different generations, as well as identifying and explaining the implications of changes in tax treatment.

Her bread and butter work involves ‘making, breaking and varying trusts’ – both onshore and offshore. She is also experienced in cross-border succession planning and, working in tandem with family lawyers, has experience of pre-nups spanning a number of different jurisdictions.

Millar is well used to drawing on an extensive network of foreign advisers, valuing a collaborative approach in order to provide a seamless service for international clients.

The lawyer describes her style of service as a combination of legal technicalities and empathy for clients’ personal situations. ‘I am fascinated by people and the way the law has an impact on their lives,’ she says.

‘It is an immense privilege to be consulted on what matters most to clients, and to build long-standing relationships with individuals and families from different countries and walks of life. The advice that is required is of infinite variety, requiring both intellectual rigour and the ability to think creatively.’

A well-regarded industry commentator is full of praise for Millar’s dynamic practice: ‘Hugely experienced and a master at grasping very complex cases’. Meanwhile, Millar says her objective is ‘to guide my clients through what can be a complicated decision-making process without losing sight of what they really want to achieve.’

Rank: Recommended

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