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Lambard Business Direct


Aviation & Yachts


London, United Kingdom

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Greg Chiappini

‘Other than coming to us for cash, I like to think that our clients appreciate our in-depth knowledge and experience of the assets and of the sector as a whole,’ says Greg Chiappini, Lombard’s head of aviation and marine. After a career as an officer in the South African Navy and then some time working in shipyards, Chiappini came to Lombard in 2011 before taking up his current role in 2014. He assists clients in financing yachts of up to 40 metres. ‘I’d love to say it’s always straightforward, but it depends on the particular deal. While there are occasions when the funding is simple, there are other times when a client’s needs are complex. In this instance we work closely with them and do our best to meet their requirements,’ he explains.
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Top Recommended 2020, Aviation & Yachts

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