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Helsinki, Finland

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Jan Lindholm


‘I aim to find the best operational and financial solutions for aircraft management for my clients,’ says Jan Lindholm, commercial director of Jetflite. Founded more than three decades ago, the firm was among the very first to fly business jets in Russia and CIS and today offers a range of services in private jet charter, aircraft management, air cargo and air ambulance.

‘Quality control defines my work,’ Lindholm says. ‘Our services are kept in-house to provide control that things are done right for upholding the asset value and to guarantee maximum safety for passengers.

Jetflite has its own facilities, in-house maintenance and 60 in-house professionals at its clients’ disposal, 24/7. It’s able to tailor-make the experience of a lifetime, or plan a business trip with the success of its clients in mind. It is even able to fly to Antarctica.

The firm has been intentionally limiting its fleet size to give a high amount of attention to each client. ‘We do not take on an aircraft if we cannot produce the full service the owner of that aircraft deserves,’ Lindholm notes. ‘We need to stay onboard with the latest trends in the industry and make sure the latest information and technology is made available for our clients. This helps improve efficiency and safety and leads to cost savings.’

‘Change management’ was required when Covid -19 hit, Lindholm says. ‘We were able to change our operations from business flights to air ambulance a few weeks into the pandemic.’

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Helsinki, Finland



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