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Siv Sivasamy


Adam Phones founder Adam Toop made a hiring swoop for Siv Sivasamy in 2016 to head up the firm’s family office division. Like Toop, Sivasamy had dropped out of university to focus on what he felt was his real calling. He was soon working directly within niche markets such as hedge funds and family offices, where he now has over 17 years’ experience and a wealth of contacts.

Sivasamy’s work with the Savoy hotel, numerous family offices and hedge funds made him the ideal fit for Adam Phones, a business built on supporting those who demand exceptionally high levels of service.

He’s proud of the firm’s unbiased approach, allowing it to assess the needs of a business and make recommendations across all the major business networks. Utilising its in-house analysis team, they create a solution specifically to a client’s needs.

Things are taken further by its portal. The ‘proprietary reporting system’ gives a complete overview, full control and visibility across a client’s mobile estate in real time, reducing administrative strain and eliminating ‘bill shock’. For these unique requirements, Adams Phones recruits in-house developers who can facilitate whatever needs a client may have.

‘Not only do we recommend the best solutions based on our initial assessment, but we then monitor on an ongoing basis, ensuring we deliver what we have promised,’ he says.

Of particular note is their ability to provide MiFID II call-recording to businesses within the finance sector.

‘Our clients are looking for hands-on service, and a supplier who understands their need for exceptional service levels and discretion,’ Sivasamy says. ‘Having a team of trusted advisers and support staff who know your company and your people is core to what we do.

Aside from all the service benefits of a boutique telecoms provider, its commercial buying power with the networks enables Adam Phones to leverage significant cost savings for clients.

’Our dedicated team of financial analysts audit prospective clients’ phone bills, so we can accurately model savings and forecast what they will spend should they choose to use us. With many of our clients travelling internationally, bill shock is a natural concern, and we offer a blend of compelling tariffs and some very powerful technology that will mitigate that risk.’

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, HNW Technology Solutions


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