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Oday Niama


As director of business in EMEA, Oday Niama has established himself as an invaluable resource for his high-profile clients, many of whom have remained loyal to both him and Adam Phones over the past 22 years.

Managing the mobile communications requirements of HNWs, Niama builds strong relationships with his clients, upholding absolute discretion and integrity while fulfilling all aspects of their service requirements with ‘impeccable attention to detail’.

Service is the company’s cornerstone. His customers in London can expect to have a broken handset replaced at their door within two hours, while those overseas will receive it as soon as a courier can reach them.

Niama is happy to help clients at any time he may be needed. ‘It’s quite normal for my clients to contact me directly, day or night, to handle any requirements they may have,’ he explains.

In addition to managing relationships with his clients, Niama oversees the company’s ‘Platinum Numbers’ division, which enables him to source exclusive mobile numbers, limited editions and bespoke services in a concierge-style offering. Customers can be connected within hours of their request.

The company can provide SIMs on a multitude of networks due to significant levels of secure integration.

‘Security is of utmost importance,’ Niama has said. ‘Because we run our own billing infrastructure, only we have access to clients’ details, which are never visible to the networks – or any external party. We run all elements of our service in-house, and all of our support personnel are security vetted, as well as receiving regular up-to-date compliance training.’

With most of the company’s customers being HNWs – many of whom work across industries such as television and sports
– stringent levels of security for such high-profile individuals are nothing short of an operational necessity, Niama explains.

‘Trust and discretion are paramount to my clients as, in most cases, their communications are of a highly sensitive and demanding nature,’ the director tells Spear’s.

This commitment to providing clients with ‘extraordinary world-class service’ means Niama always strives to go ‘above and beyond’ to achieve his objective.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2020, HNW Technology Solutions


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