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Pedro dias Ferreira


‘At the beginning of my time at Barclays, I decided to meet someone who had walked past the old offices in Brook Street, Mayfair and had left a number,’ says Pedro Dias Ferreira. ‘The receptionist said that he had asked to be contacted by a Portuguese speaker, because he thought his dad needed a banker.’

Although he relays this moment as his ‘being in the right place at the right time’, this was the start of Dias Ferreira’s remarkable career as a banking authority in the Portuguese-speaking world. Pursuing his first Brazilian client has led him to a desk covering over 25 UHNW Brazilian families, along with the recognition from Barclays Private Bank that this is a market that is very much worth exploring.

Dias Ferreira has now been at Barclays for ten and a half years, and his rise has been nothing short of meteoric. After being the only Spanish and Portuguese speaker on the team when he first joined the bank, he now heads a team of four tasked with developing and growing a market from which the bank had previously withdrawn in 2015.

His colleagues describe him as exemplifying the Latin spirit of gregariousness, using his innate knowledge of this culture to develop a truly international client-base from locations such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and more. ‘Being allowed to grow a desk, serving clients and enjoying it along the way is the exciting plan ahead,’ he says.

Dias Ferreira knows that clients from these regions want more than just a money-manager: they want someone to provide the human touch. He is guided by the principle that each client should be listened to, and their personal goals and challenges discussed and understood. ‘Clients are humans,’ he says. ‘We deal with issues that are extremely personal and intimate. Therefore, each client requires bespoke solutions that draw on mine and my team’s past experiences.

‘Everyone can be there for the good times, but it takes trust and empathy to beat adversity,’ Dias Ferreira continues. He seeks, therefore, to be the financial adviser and partner that clients can rely on at every moment of their financial journey. And he means this very literally, saying his clients know ‘that no matter what time they might send me an email or try to call me, they will get an answer.’

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