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Alex Stroud


Alex Stroud joined forces with fellow agent Johnny Fuller to create what many agents have billed as ‘possibly the most experienced, knowledgeable and well-respected pairing currently operating in the central London market’. The firm has been an ‘extraordinary success’ already in 2020, having acquired and sold a very credible list of properties, most of which have transacted off-market. For Stroud, this represents a continuation of an upward trajectory, having transacted on more than 180 properties in the last ten years.

The self-described ‘workaholic’ says his office hours often stretch past midnight as he seeks to do deals for his clients, who are mostly looking for a pied-à-terre worth between £3-£10 million. ‘They need me to be their eyes and ears,’ says Stroud.

Stroud appears to have a laser vision of prime central London, honed over 30 years’ experience. ‘I know the porters that get drunk, I know the buildings where the lifts never work, I know where the Tube runs underneath, and I know the right side of the street to buy on.’

Testimonials show that Stroud is indeed the right man to have on one’s side. One agent calls him ‘one of the top five buying agents in PCL’, while another praises his ‘huge local knowledge’ and his looking after his clients with ‘utmost care’. Others trust him enough to make a purchase without setting foot in the property – a video sent via WhatsApp and Stroud’s recommendations have sufficed more than twice this year already.

Rank: Top Ten

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