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Camilla Dell


Camilla Dell, managing partner at Black Brick, aims to ‘fulfil [her] clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations, whether they are looking for a home, second home, buying for a child or investing’.

‘Buying property can be a highly emotive experience,’ says Dell. ‘It’s important for me as their trusted adviser to have a complete understanding of their requirements, and also their fears. The better I can read my client, the more open and trusted our relationship is, the better service I can deliver to them.’

‘Transparency’ and ‘honour’ are the blocks with which Dell builds such relationships, traits she feels are key in dispelling negative preconceptions about the property industry.

‘It often gets a bad rap,’ she says of the profession. ‘Buyers feel let down and disillusioned, often rightly so, by harsh selling practices. What inspired me to become a buying agent and set up Black Brick was the desire to “level up” the playing field, and ensure that buyers got a fair deal. I truly believe that every buyer should have a buying agent acting for them – without one, it’s a bit like going to court without a lawyer!’

Indeed, Dell is tenacious in defending the rights of buyers. She rarely takes no for an answer, and this has enabled her to deliver outstanding results for clients over the years. She is not a one-woman team, however, and the strength of her ‘incredibly collaborative’ business has enabled it to thrive in very challenging markets. Not least, the one brought to the fore by Covid-19.

‘The last 12 months have been some of the most challenging I have ever experienced as a business owner,’ says Dell. ‘For an entire industry to be shut down overnight, for many months – and then to resume with the pace it did – was unprecedented.

‘I am extremely proud of my team. During lockdown, we kept our spirits up with weekly quizzes and also ensured our clients were being kept up to date on the latest developments as the market started to re-open.’

All things considered, Black Brick has achieved some outstanding results in 2020, renegotiating the purchase of six new-build apartments for an investor client that had fallen through pre-Covid to achieve an almost 20 per cent discount post-lockdown, to name just one.

Rank: Top Ten

Top Ten 2020, London Buying


15 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6LU, United Kingdom



44 203 141 9861

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