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Black Brick


London Buying

Property Advisers


London, United Kingdom

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Tax, wills & trusts

Asset class

Real estate

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Business owners



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Hong Kong

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Real Estate


Tom Kain


Tom Kain’s star began to ascend seven years ago when he joined Black Brick.‘The reputation of the firm and its track record is second to none.The role has opened doors that I could not have imagined previously,’ he says. More recently, he reports Covid-19 as being the most notable moment of the last 12 months, observing the acceleration of ‘many long-term trends through business, lifestyle and the economy’.

Kain spends his days helping his clients ‘access opportunities they would not necessarily be able to find’. Although every client has different and bespoke needs, the buying consultant provides them with ‘the information and data to make a transparent and informed decision before transacting’. He introduces clients to a team of ‘highly efficient, client-focused professionals to support the process, ensuring they conclude on the best possible terms’.

Kain considers it vitally important to strike the balance between being proactive in his work and avoiding an edge that could be considered ‘pushy’. ‘I respect my clients as the highly intelligent and successful individuals they are, creating long-standing relationships in the process,’ he says. ‘Many of my clients have commented that this patient approach makes me unique among my peers.’

Along with a personable approach that clients appreciate, Kain offers a wide breadth of knowledge of the London market across all postcodes and price-brackets.‘This enables me to pick out value and make sound judgements when analysing potential opportunities,’ he says.

Rank: Recommended

Recommended 2020, London Buying


15 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6LU, United Kingdom

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