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Simon Nosworthy


For over 15 years, Simon Nosworthy, head of property law at Osbornes, has handled all residential conveyancing transactions – including house sales, purchases and remortgaging – throughout England and Wales. His team of 10 serve clients that include families, professionals and celebrities, who often return and make recommendations to their friends and family. The properties dealt with range in value and type, from flats for first-time buyers to multi-million pound freehold properties. At the start of 2020, however, Covid-19 shook the market.

‘The challenges we have faced over the last six months have been unprecedented,’ says Nosworthy. ‘The market will continue to react to the times we live in, and of course Brexit still plays a leading role affecting market confidence. You need to act quickly to get a deal to exchange in this market, and encourage sellers to be realistic about opportunities to sell in a difficult climate.’

Osbornes’ property team is best described as ‘young’, ‘dynamic’, ‘talented’, ‘forward thinking’ and ‘client focused’. Nosworthy adds: ‘We deliver results to clients in a timely fashion and are always looking to give the right law advice as soon as possible.’

Being a trusted adviser is in Nosworthy’s blood. ‘I come from a family of lawyers,’ he says, ‘and my father still runs his own successful law firm. My three brothers are all lawyers. So it’s an environment I have grown up in.’

Osbornes’ property team, Nosworthy says, ‘deliver results to clients in a timely fashion and are always looking to give the right legal advice as soon as possible.’ He cites his biggest achievement as developing a team to provide the ‘most client-facing and efficient service possible. It’s all about tailoring a service that best fits a client’s individual needs and expectations.’

Nosworthy and his team are rightly proud of the great relationships they have built with property agents across London, recognising that the benefits of lawyers and agents working together and speaking regularly are all passed on to the client, making for an overall better client experience. ‘Testament to us achieving this,’ says Nosworthy, ‘is the great feedback the department consistently receives’.

And these clients are keen to share their experience of working with Nosworthy and Osbornes Law, with one enthusing: ‘I could not speak more highly of the service provided by Osbornes. Simon Nosworthy [was] a pleasure to deal with and really went the extra mile when it came to our property sale and purchase. Professional in every way, friendly and caring. A real pleasure to deal with.’

Rank: Top Recommended

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