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Client referee submission

All companies and advisers who take part in the research are encouraged to provide client referees to support their inclusion in our rankings. You can provide up to 20 referees per submissionClient referees are asked to complete a short online survey where they can provide feedback on individual advisers, their practice and the level of service they provide.

Feedback from clients is used internally to help our research team compile the rankings.


Data protection

  • We understand the importance of your client relationships and therefore we offer the following safeguards to ensure that all client referee details provided to us are handled correctly
  • Client referees are only contacted ONCE. This is done via email
  • Client details ARE NOT STORED. Once we send the client referees our feedback email their personal details are deleted.
  • The client feedback survey focuses solely on the quality of advice given by the advisers concerned. We do not ask clients about the details of their work.
  • No information from the client feedback survey is published. Sponsored firms can choose to include select client feedback as part of their profile package.
  • In our correspondence with the clients we always explain who we are and which firm has provided their details.
  • We will always contact you 3-5 days before sending our client feedback email highlighting when we will send the email to the clients and from which email address. It is a good idea to remind your clients to expect an email from us.

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